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Client Testimonials



I remember my first appointment with Dr. Platner, when I told her, “I am looking for a guide.” I had a lot to be happy about—a well-paying job with travel opportunities, lots of friends, attention from men—but inside, I knew I needed help. I struggled with insomnia, exhaustion, anxiety and mood swings. I used eating disorders to stabilize myself, or at least, that's what I told myself. Dr. Platner helped me to reconnect with my body and free myself from my old thought patterns in a BIG way. Working with her was like peeling back layers to find the real me buried inside. I stopped relying on adrenaline to prop myself up. Through EMDR with Dr. Platner, I gained relief from old trauma and began sleeping better. Because of my work with her, I even discovered I was suffering from a chronic illness, which, largely thanks to Dr. Platner’s wisdom and guidance, I was able to address. Dr. Platner helped me ease into healthier habits and thought patterns and to learn the true meaning of listening to my heart and body. Every relationship in my life has improved as a result, but most of all, my relationship with myself has soared, enabling me to take big, bold steps that I never thought were possible for me. Dr. Platner was the wise woman I needed—one who led me to my inner guide. She has truly changed and enriched my life, and I invite you to meet her.

Eva, 28



When I turned 21 and one of my parents was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I knew that I needed someone outside of my family to turn to for guidance and support.  I was unsure, however, that I could find a therapist who would fit the bill – someone who was down to earth, who wouldn't psychoanalyze or patronize or paint me as a victim – rather, someone who was inspiring, connected, and could give me real advice and a place to deeply rejuvenate in a moment when none of my go-to elders knew what to do.  When I serendipitously met Delphyne, I literally thought prayers had been answered.  Delphyne quickly became confidante, listener, reminder, and more, and after helping me midwife my parent through the final stages of life, has become a keen advisor as I clarify what path my own life will take.  She has since turned me on to books that now hold sacred spots on my shelves; places that I visit again and again to share with friends and family; a certain composure and style of communication that has improved relationships of all dimensions; and perhaps most importantly, practices and rituals that help me access my inner voice, and guide me on decisions both big and small on a daily basis.  To say the least, Delphyne has grown to become one of my most astounding and deeply rooted role models, and I'm blessed to have her in my life.  I have recommended Delphyne to friends who are in all transitions in life, and I extend that recommendation to you as well.

Carla, 22



From my experience, Delphyne works with her patients with the hope that she will eventually become a small piece of a much grander story of self-work and growth. My work with Delphyne has been invaluable. She has shown me that I already had the strength, light, love and power within me to confront the troubles and traumas of my past.  In learning to be present in the darkest places of my memory, my heart and my mind, Delphyne helped me realize that I can survive loss, past and future, without losing myself in it.  She is the best therapist I could ask for.  Her goal is to help us build self-confidence, trust ourselves, forgive our mistakes and above all else, cultivate self-love.  With her help, I have done this.  And while the world is still turbulent, exciting, scary, unpredictable, beautiful and sad, I know I will not lose this precious self-love. 

Lindsay, 34



Delphyne brings a unique combination of skills, temperament, and outlook to her practice.  She’s a deep listener, a perceptive questioner, a highly knowledgeable therapist, but most of all, she’s a woman who has studied, experienced, and absorbed the truths of women, and filters this wisdom to her clients.  She’s what, in other cultures and at other times, would be called a Wise Woman. 

Robin, 47



I feel so incredibly grateful to have had such a positive female role model when I needed it the most.  I began seeing Delphyne at a real turning point in my life.  Having recently lost a parent to suicide, the grief brought up unresolved trauma that I was not emotionally prepared for.  I was figuring out my sexuality and was overwhelmed by that.  I was retreating back to old unhealthy coping mechanisms and I was falling fast.  I am apt to say here that Delphyne put the ground back under my feet, but I can tell you that she would disagree and say it was I that had done that while she walked beside me.  Her approach in sessions was always about what I needed in the moment.  This flexibility allowed me to figure out my needs, ask for what I want, and, most important, trust.  Through her facilitation of Depth Hypnosis, I was able to progress in my healing at a rate that would've taken me years in standard psychotherapy.  She would often recommend books and articles she thought would be helpful, and they always were.  She would weave in my spiritual beliefs in ways that further fostered my healing and growth.  I can go on and on about why, if you're considering it, you should work with her.  If you're ready to heal and transform what no longer serves you to your own self-empowerment, she is the most compassionate, intuitive, dynamic being you could hope for on your journey.  This I know.  Thank you for everything Delphyne!

Reese, 36



I have been working with Delphyne for years and I can honestly say that she is wonderful.  She listens attentively and provides great insight into the issues that I deal with . . . all the while being completely non-judgmental and welcoming.  Her training in EMDR also helped me to get past a trauma that occurred over 30 years ago and I have felt ever so much healed, loved, and lovable ever since.  What I love most about seeing Delphyne is that she understands and can integrate my spiritual side into our sessions and gently reminds me to trust my gut and of my own innate beautiful qualities.  Delphyne is very professional and I would highly recommend her.  




From the first moment I met Delphyne, I knew I had found someone I was comfortable talking to. I had tried a few therapists before her and I had never met one that I truly connected with or one that I felt understood me. Delphyne’s kindness, grace, and strength helped me to figure out what I wanted from life and how present I wanted to be in my own life.  Having suffered from depression since I was a child, Delphyne also helped me find compassion for myself.  I found myself looking forward to our sessions, not just as therapy, but as a warm and inviting sacred space.  I emerged from her office a much calmer person than I went in.  Delphyne helped me to love myself.  The life lessons and advice I have learned from her are invaluable and something I carry with me always.  For any woman struggling with self-worth, I recommend Delphyne whole-heartedly. Her gentle words will be your guiding light. 

Stephanie, 25




There’s no way, if I tried for the rest of my life, that I could adequately express to you how grateful I am for your impact on my life.  Your support and belief in me have changed me more than anything else I have experienced so far.  Your confidence that I could change myself, heal, and grow deeply has transformed the way I interact both with my innermost being and with the outside world that I feel so called to help.  Simply the revelation that I was a person of value who could have the courage to love myself and others deeply—much less the time and patience you have put into holding me in that process—both will serve me every day for the rest of my life and probably even beyond that.  You are certainly the strongest and fiercest person I have ever met, and I’ll miss you when I go, though I plan on seeing you again and as often as I can.  Thank you so much for everything.

Carolyn, 18



When I started seeing Delphyne, I really didn't know if any sort of therapy would help me.  I was miserable in my life at school, but much more importantly I was experiencing a pervasive sadness whose origin I couldn't quite place. When I first met Delphyne, however, I felt that we totally clicked.  I was immediately impressed with how involved she was, since most of the therapists that I had seen in the past just sat there and waited for me to talk my own problems out.  Delphyne was never scared to challenge what I had to say or to offer suggestions.  She was incredibly engaged.  That said, she always encouraged me to tell her if something she said didn't apply to me, and I never felt like she was trying to tell me what my experience was.  During my time seeing Delphyne, I was able to determine the roots of the sadness that I had been feeling.  I realized that since my current situation was not the main thing causing me sadness, I would be able to get through high school.  And as I began to feel better, I stopped cutting myself, which I had been doing for almost four years prior to starting work with Delphyne.  I think that the reason I was able to stop was that we focused on the roots of the problem, not on the apparent symptom.  Working with Delphyne gave me the ability to know that I had the abilities to heal myself, and that I inherently knew the right direction for myself.  She gave me the courage to make choices for myself, not for those around me.  While I still have times when I feel sad, it is much easier for me to figure out the root of the emotion and to exercise self-soothing techniques until the sadness passes. I feel like I am much more in touch with my emotions (both happy and sad) now, and have the ability to be much more present with them.

Lesley, 18



Life is short and there is suffering all around and within me.  I’ve tried to ignore this, to run away from this, but to no avail.  All my efforts have merely caused more suffering, fostered unhealthy habits, and supported an unsustainable lifestyle.  In the midst of life, when I am able to slow down and feel my emotions, to really experience life, it becomes clear that I don’t know what to do.  So slowly, slowly I awaken to a deeper truth—I need to ask for help.  When I initially asked Delphyne to be my therapist I was doing so to satisfy a requirement for my own Counseling Psychology career.  By the end of our time together I had not only fulfilled my necessary requirement for school, but I had addressed suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, intimate and familial relationships, as well as my spiritual purpose in life.  During this time Delphyne helped me address my suffering, habits and personality without ever judging me.  This non-judgmental approach was essential for me, as I needed an ally whom I could trust in order to really open my mind to alternative ways of being.  As well as creating a safe space Delphyne inspired me to confront uncomfortable and unbearable thoughts, while reminding me of my growth along the way.  Looking back on our time together I can honestly say that I don't know who I would be today without her.  Now as I continue on my path to become a therapist I hope that I can embody some of her qualities in order to help others as she has helped me.

Will, 29



Working with Delphyne has been very inspirational and healing.  Her presence allowed me to feel comfortable in who I am and has empowered me to emerge into my authentic self.  She held a space for me to work through past wounds and allowed my hidden gifts to emerge.  Together we worked with EMDR, which helped me trace back to some of the childhood wounds that have been holding me back from reaching my full potential.  During the treatment I literally felt physical changes in my body and have noticed significant changes in my life.  I believe the power of the treatment comes from Delphyne’s ability to hold sacred space and accept the full range of ones being. Her compassion, empathy, and appreciation for who I am was felt and needed for my own growth.  She provides the guidance necessary for one to connect with the deep wisdom from within, which allows for continuous growth and the ability to follow your own authentic path.




I first came to Delphyne for some issues I had been suffering with for a while: low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.  Spending time with her helped me uncover the spaces my spirit had been through and why I was so anxious. The sessions helped me delve into facing realities I didn't want to face.  Delphyne helped me to uncover my inner wisdom or as she calls it, " The voice that is still inside of me that no one can take away.”  She is the person who started me on a mission to find acceptance within myself and she has helped me deal with my menstrual cycles as well.  Working with her has made me realize that I am a powerful woman!  I am glad I was put in her way as her words have guided me to understand who I am.  Delphyne has been more than a therapist, she has awakened the fire of wisdom inside of me that laid dormant for many years.  I see her now as a mentor and guide to the world inside of me but the twist is she has given me the key to being my own guide on this journey I am still on. Thanks Delphyne!

Liz, 34



My whole life I have been hurt by the people closest to me whom I was supposed to be able to trust the most. I saw Delphyne from the time I was 13 – 17 years old. Before then, I had thirteen counselors, most of whom were so fake and trying too hard.  It felt like these counselors kept trying to dig into me and had nothing to offer that was helpful except some textbook response.  It was funny how they all spoke the same language.  It seemed way too organized to be true.  At 13, I thought, “If they’re being fake with me, why should I trust them?”  They would sit there, all distant and cold, prompting me to tell them about my childhood. . . . Well, I was beaten, emotionally abused and starved. . . . I was cutting on myself as often as four times a day, getting high way too often to avoid the pain, ending up in a day treatment program and a group home as a result. 


Delphyne was different in the way that she was present with me.  She was down to earth and realistic, and I sensed that right away.  I felt like she could truly see me and that I could be myself with her.  Delphyne helped me to reclaim my power I thought I had lost forever.  She taught me that everything I had endured was not ME. . . that it was not MY FAULT. . .that I could be my own person beyond everything I had been exposed to.  By using rituals and rites of passage in a therapeutic environment, Delphyne helped to show me the way to finding who I was and at the same time provided a safe place were I could release the pain from the past.  I realized how much the trauma I had experienced continued to affect me in everyday life AND that I had the power inside of me to let it go . . . .I felt so relieved. . . .like the burden that had been dumped on me was gone! 

Dedra, 21



I had proven myself to be extremely successful in the outside corporate world.  There was no bigger compliment to me in business than "Wow, you are just like a guy!"  I was never fully happy, but didn't know why.  I never really considered looking inward for the source of my unease until my early 30's when I realized that I was missing a big part of myself.  The part of myself that I was missing was the feminine.  The problem was I always thought of the feminine as something weak, subservient, less than, so I didn't see the benefit of reclaiming it.  Through the use of EMDR, deep understanding, and compassion, Delphyne was able to help me uncover the source of these harmful and limiting thoughts and feelings and let them go.  She also introduced me to a myriad of books and resources that have opened my mind and heart to what the feminine really is and provided much relief in explaining perfectly what I was going through.  As a result, I feel a sense of wholeness and comfort that no amount of money or external accolades could ever deliver.  I now understand what a deep privilege and joy it is to be a woman.  Delphyne is a much needed remedy and resource for both women and men, and I recommend her with out hesitation. 

Cassandra, 33



When I first started seeing Delphyne, I had been suffering from depression for most of my adult life. I had seen several psychiatrists and therapists and had even tried medication on and off for years, but none of it had really helped.  Then I started seeing Delphyne, and in just a few months of working with her, I made more progress than I had in years of seeing all those other therapists.  The work Delphyne helped guide me through was truly life-changing.  She was the first therapist I had ever seen who allowed me to figure out why I was so depressed and actually assisted me in working through that trauma and grief instead of just masking the symptoms with medication.  Using everything from EMDR, yoga, and essential oils to just plain compassion—far more compassion than anyone had ever shown me before—Delphyne introduced me to a whole new way of seeing the world and myself.  She introduced me to eye-opening books and exercises to do and gave me a lot more confidence that I could work through all the issues that had held me back for so long.  Delphyne convinced me that I was capable of finding happiness and, more importantly, she was the first person to convince me that I actually deserved that happiness, and for that I will be eternally grateful.  I feel like, because of Delphyne, I am finally on the path to finding that happiness and to becoming a better person.  Delphyne has truly been a beacon of light in what was for me a dark time. 

Jack, 34



The opportunity to work with Delphyne Platner has been a great blessing to me.  Every time we met, she listened to me with openness, acceptance and warmth.  I trusted her with some of my deepest and most shameful secrets and she, in turn, offered me safety and comfort.  The respect she gave me as a client and the obvious care she took into her work has led me to consistently refer her to friends who would benefit from her therapeutic services.  She is a modern day priestess and holds sacred space as such.  I feel very grateful for the time that I spent with Delphyne as my therapist.

Stephanie, 28



I was sixteen when I first began working with Delphyne.  I had a history of anorexia nervosa, was engaging in self-mutilation and felt distressingly disconnected from my family, community and environment.  I was numb, confused and screaming for relief.  With diligence and compassion, Delphyne offered me tools to stabilize my self-destructive tendencies, allowing me to cultivate my strength.  She held the space for my transformation and guided me on an inward journey that allowed me to reconnect with myself and my community.  I no longer felt compelled to be self-destructive, and, not only did I thrive the following years as we continued our work together, but I also experienced what it is like to be contributing to my environment and those in relationship with me.  Instead of experiencing the world as scary, lonely, isolating, and depressing, I began to experience empowerment, tranquility, appreciation, and passion for life’s possibilities.  I turned to artwork, meditating to become grounded, serving as a teacher’s aid for special needs children, my passion for horses, continuing my education, and music.  Though our therapeutic work came to a stop, in young adulthood I continue to draw upon what I was blessed to receive as Delphyne’s offer and I encourage others to receive her offerings as well.

Jessica, 26

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