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Clinical Supervision and Consultation


I am particularly fond of mentoring graduate psychology students on the journey through their program, training, and practicum, and as they transition into the professional world.


In California, I am available in a supervisory and consultation capacity for MFT and LCSW interns in earning hours towards licensure. I offer this to  both individuals and small groups of clinicians.  I am committed to supporting each intern in cultivating her/his personal and professional strengths, style and theoretical orientation.  Clinicians-in-training often report feeling pressure to practice in a model or methodology that feels prescribed or disingenuous.  I encourage interns to trust themselves, allowing them to work from a more authentic place.  In addition to legal, ethical, and safety concerns, key issues to address in supervision are those of transference, counter-transference, vicarious trauma (which is inevitable in this line of work), and self-care. 


Testimonials from Clinicians

As an MFT trainee I sought out Delphyne at a critical juncture in my clinical career.  Just finishing up as a student, I felt overly inundated with theories that did not resonate with my deeper calling to become a healer.  After trying to morph myself into various models, I felt frustrated but also determined to find a mentor who could challenge me to inhabit my seat more fully as a psychotherapist.  That is when I walked into Delphyne’s office.  Immediately I knew I was in the right place.  At once, Delphyne joined me in my aspirations to follow my own path.  She offered me guidance that utilized: essential mirroring, irreverent humor, deep care, and spiritual insight that gave me the support and permission to engage in the work as I never had before.  Drawing from her wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of psychology, cultural studies, community mental health, and women’s spirituality, Delphyne offered me invaluable resources that were immediately applicable to my clinical work and personal life.  Like an ancient ivory tool: pointed and smooth, precise and bold, Delphyne was constantly pointing me back to my deepest and most innate wisdom.  Throughout working with Delphyne I found myself feeling noticeably more confident, prepared and present while I sat with my clients.  What’s more is that I began to feel more embodied, strong, and compassionate as a woman at large.  Thank you so deeply Delphyne!!!!  You showed me with vivid colors and gracious beauty how to embody the feminine’s divine and paradoxical nature of fierce compassion.  You have taught me to not be afraid to ask the hard questions, and to forge a new course when the old ones have forgot the way.  Like a precious stone, I now carry your deep wisdom in my heart. 





We (therapists, healers, artists) work in a field that can feel unsafe, isolating and insecure. Being a young Chicana therapist who entered the field at 25 years of age, I was granted the best possible tool that enabled me to build a solid foundation: Delphyne. I have had the pleasure and luck to receive supervision by Delphyne for the first two years of my career and continue to consult with her today. She has guided me in my work by evoking my strengths and tagging any dangers that may be lingering in the corner, whether they be counter-transference or legal and ethical issues. She holds a space for true cultural expression, simplicity without psychobabble, and remedies that not only aid in self-healing, but in healing a society.  Delphyne is culturally able to hold a space of cultural sensitivity and exploration of taboo topics.  She does not hide behind "politically correct" terms, but stands up in "messy" conversations for what she truly believes in.  Her use of feminine imagery has empowered my work in a society that has been dominated by patriarchy.  Delphyne shares her love of life, her abundant wisdom and most of all, her courage. Delphyne is a trustworthy guide in any walk of life. 


Rosa Morrow



As a beginning therapist I was bogged down with insecurities about all that I did know but Delphyne helped me to embrace the unknown and trust in my inner wisdom so I could become more effective in my work.  Delphyne provides clinical supervision with heart.  She is warm and real, encouraging honest self-exploration and creativity. Expanding my concepts of what it means to be a healer, she inspired me with her own work which incorporates healing traditions from around the world. With her years of experience in the field navigating complicated systems and knowledge of Bay Area resources, she is able to offer solid, practical guidance on a variety of issues clinicians encounter. As a social worker, it was especially important for me to receive supervision from someone that could situate my work with homeless families within a social and historical context and Delphyne was able to connect the micro to the macro with ease.  You are fortunate if you have the opportunity to experience Delphyne's passion for her work as she challenges you both as a student and human being. 


Amy Ng


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